Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make people benefit from the health miracles given to nature by cultivating and analyzing herbs, converting them to pharmaceutical forms, testing them clinically and reform our procedures to achieve optimum health benefit and while operating those processes to be respectful to nature and natural methods by embracing globally standardized applications. For all those purposes we interiorize the motto: BALANCE FOR HEALTH.

Quality Policy

In our facility, which has been certified by ISO 22000 (HACCP) and ISO 9001 quality standards and adopted production criteria of FDA and GMP directions, high quality and reliable products are produced with the help of critical control points and carefully taken into hygiene terms. We are a clinically based company and the products developed with the help of clinical research done in our clinic facility are fully traceable in terms of their efficiency. Therefore, this makes our products shine out for their reliability. At this point augmenting competition levels of our products by implementing constant enhancement paradigm and developing standardized products are our very basic policies.

Our Vision
Our vision is becoming a locally and globally leading brand, which is reliable in whole plant pharmaceutical forms and determining standards.

Our Mission
Our mission is to present to the whole world the richness of Turkey territory having one-third of the global medicinal flora.