Business Opportunities

We have unique experience in herbal medicine development, production, and application. Let’s make business and get the benefits of our experience. We can make business in many different ways. Do you have other business ideas? Please contact us.

Herbal Product Development (Clinical R&D)

Since we have the most comprehensive integrative medicine clinic of Turkey and our founder is one of the top three medical doctors of Turkey in terms of experience, the number of case studies and certificates, you can consider to use this experience for developing your next powerful remedy. You say just the case, we develop the product focusing on that case. You can then buy it in bulks or in packages with your unique design and name.

Seed Breeding, Herb Growing, Agriculture

Thanks to our multidisciplinary and experienced team, we can breed the most powerful seed for you, do its agriculture with the help of beautiful sun and different climate conditions of our location and then harness it, process it and send to you. We can take its oil by cold pressing, distillation or macerate it, we can turn it into aromatic water, take its extract, make a tincture out of it, turn it into syrup, vials, tablets, softgels or IV forms. You can take it in bulk or in the package.

Contract Manufacturing

If you have your formula, with a non-disclosure agreement, we can produce it with the quality you desire. Or we can produce one of our products with your own label for you. You can benefit from that we take risks of production and that we reduce your costs. You can take your semi-finished material or we package and send your product.

Analysis Services

We have two well-established labs: Analytical and Microbiological Labs. You can get analysis service for any herbs or products. You can experience the quality and competitive prices of Dr. Yilmaz Labs.

For a detailed information on which pharmaceutical forms we can produce please visit this page.