Our Advantage

We can discuss about our advantages under following titles:

Clinical Research Possibility

We have the Turkey’s most comprehensive integrative medicine clinic, Dr. Yilmaz Integrative Medicine Clinic. We deal with about 1000 patients in a year. Since our start, we have seen about 15000 patients and helped them with their health problems. This experience and the possibility to sustain it makes us shine in the fields of integrative medicine development and application.

Medicine Based CEO

Since our CEO, Dr. M. Mucahit Yilmaz, has a medicinal doctor degree, we do not simply produce herbal products. In the light of his knowledge and experience our products focus on treatment. His unique vision takes our production into a different scope: getting ultimate health benefits from nature.

Our Location

We are located in Turkey. Turkey is placed at the intersection of 3 different tectonic structure: Asia, Europe and Africa. Besides, here takes plenty amount of sun, experiences all 4 seasons and has a variety of climate conditions. These conditions make our country an ideal place to grow different types of herbs in one place. Almost every endemic herbs of so many countries can be grown here. Besides 1 of 3 herbs of all globe is endemic to Turkey. Agriculture of about 3500 endemic herbs is done here.

Centralized Production

Our vision about herbal supplement production directs us to get control of all production phases. From soil to clinic, we deal with our product. Our production line starts with seed breeding and reproduction. Then in out greenhouse we grow seedlings. We did contract agriculture, considering GAP directions. We have special fields for special herbs, ie. forest fields for forest herbs. Than we harvest them and process for final product we want to produce. We have sterilizing, drying, grinding, cold pressing, macerating, distilling, and extracting systems. We process herbs with those systems. After that we turn them into final pharmaceutic forms. We package, label and seal our products and present to the market.